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    "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!" is what you'll be able to say when you bring these rare breed, elegant chickens home to your roost! This young Trio of AUGSBURGER chickens including one cockerel and two pullets, are from GREENFIRE FARMS -- the premiere importer of rare chickens here in the United States. This trio was hatched this Spring, and the best way to describe them is pure ELEGANCE. They have an amazing iridescent blue and green sheen to their coal black feathers, off-set by their bright red combs and pure white earlobes. All three of the youngsters for sale in this listing have the desired duplex combs! They are submissive and demure in their mixed flock.

    From the GFF website (
    "Augsburgers are one of the rarest chickens in the world. In 2000, there were merely 24 black Augsburger roosters remiaining on the planet. Recently, Greenfire Farms was lucky enough to import some of the last remaining Augsburgers, and we have been very pleasantly surprised at the hardiness and utility of this ultra-rare but productive breed. We have been amazed at the size and number of eggs that the hens produce. The brilliantly white eggs are disproportionately large for the size of the hen. Augsburgers offer an excellent combination of rarity and practicality that should appeal to any poultry enthusiast in America."

    "The Augsburger is an extremely rare Bavarian chicken developed in the 1800s and is known for its duplex or buttercup comb, and the generous volume of large white eggs that its hens produce. The unusual comb allegedly was created by crossing the Le Fleche from France and the Lamotta from Italy into the Augsburger line. Only about 25% of pure Augsburgers manifest the duplex comb, and the remaining chicks have straight combs. We cannot guarantee which type of comb will grow on the chicks we ship, but as adults, birds from our flocks should produce chicks with duplex combs. In our hatches, we have lately seen as many as 50% of our chicks with the duplex comb." (


    Will not separate; sold only as a Trio for $100 Cash or PayPal. Price is FIRM, as Greenfire Farms sold these birds for $99 each as day old chicks! Serious Inquiries Only. I am located near Traverse City, in NW Michigan. Thanks for your interest! :)
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