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    Apr 26, 2016
    I was just out, sitting in the cool of the evening watching my chicks free range. Along comes a stray dog. She and Charlie were getting along fine. And then it happened. One of the chicks chose to peck at another which sent it into flight. Oh, how exciting! Now I've got a dog chasing my chickens and I'm trying to run interference while trying to get the chickens back in their fenced run. They were hysterical and not cooperating. Smacking the dog and trying to get my ...DH on the phone, she did grab one. I picked up a long plastic feeding dish and hit her hard on her flank. She let go, thank goodness! Then Glenn was there with his BB gun and chased her off. By this point, most of my chicks were hiding under the neighbors lilacs. With help from Glenn and Charlie, I convinced them to go back in their run. I didn't get a chance to really look closely at the bird that got caught, but everyone was mobile and unhappy so I'll just try to get a good look in the morning. I say again, Aurgh!
    (I see a fence in my future!)

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