ausralorp question....


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Southwestern, In
At what age will an australorp hen start to lay? Ours are 14~15 weeks old, we don't have the nesting boxes up yet! we just got them this week! I noticed that they've (there's 3) have moved alot of the wood shavings in the coop to the back cornor of the coop, and seem to want to sit in there, in the pile than go outside to play. They do go out, but not all day long like my younger chicks. Are they getting ready to lay eggs?
My BA's were closer to 20 weeks before they started to lay. Some of them waited until closer to 24 weeks. I think in general BA's tend to start laying later than some other breeds. But when they finally start, they will lay quite regularly and nice consistent sized eggs for you. It is worth the wait for sure!!!

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