[AUSTIN] 2 Tiny Bantam Cockerels - Bred for pets/tameness

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    May 15, 2013
    I have two tiny Serama mix cockerals that are ready to have a flock of their own. Both these guys are TINY, so they don't crow very loud at all (for a rooster). Would be perfect for someone who wants a man to look over their gals without as much noise as a regular, full-sized Roo.

    About the Boys:

    Fitz - the black guy in the first picture. He's beautiful, looks very much like a Serama with his tall tail. Has lovely red collar. Mother is a show-quality tiny Serama hen.

    "Talia" - the white/grey boy in the second picture. Mother is the tamest bird I've met, a minute Old-English Game Bantam. Both parents were so tame and this guy inherited it. He was a "house chicken" in training. Can wear a diaper and will chill out with you at home.

    Asking for a $20 rehoming fee for your choice of cockeral, plus a big, fluffy and totally tame Wyandotte. She's the big fluffy black hen in the second picture.

    If you want either of the cockerals alone, you can get them for $10 rehoming.

    Take all three for only $30.

    Please note that I incubated and hatched the boys myself so they are very friendly for roosters. The father of both was a show-quality splash silkie.

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