Austra White Chick isn't eating...

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    My chick has been sleeping under the heat lamp for the past 3 or 4 days. She isn't eating or drinking, she isn't chirping, just sleeping while standing up. If anybody could help, please do. I just lost another one of my chicks last night to a seizure.

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  2. AZchickens17

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    She just started eating nevermind, I will keep you updated.
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    Was the chick you lost last night ago brooded with this chick? While you may have witnessed what appeared to be a seizure, it is more likely that what was seen were the "death throes" for that bird - meaning it was not so much the cause of the bird's death, but the result of an underlying issue/illness and if this bird was brooded with the now sick bird that only strengthens the likelihood that you are dealing with something more serious here.
  4. AZchickens17

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    yes she was. She appears to be healthier now

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