Austrailan Cattle Dogs in Kentucky Need Good Homes..

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    I am a huge animal lover, and i am posting on here to see if any one wants to adopt a cattle dog. I know of several cattle dogs needing good homes as they are in a crowded animal shelter. I thought posting on here might get them some exposure, least i can do is try right.. I have pics i can send to you if needed.
    The animal shelter will let them be adopted out of the area if they are spayed, neutered and if the adopter is approved via a application.. There of course is a adoption fee I believe of $85 which covers vaccines, spay or neuter, wormings, and hw test..

    The brief descriptions of the cattle dogs are below-
    Tommy Lee-male of course, shy but warms up quickly to humans, young,prefers to be by himself .. not for a family with young kids or other dogs.

    Kammie 3 mth old cattle dog pup- cute as a button- great with other dogs, friendly, great for a active family of course.. Great little lady!

    Veronica is a mix of cattle dog and possibly border collie- real nice young lady, great for a farm, active and loves to please. She is a wonderful dog, she needs out of a shelter and into a good forever home..

    Please pass this onto any one of your animal loving friends, again i have pics if anyone is interested. I am more then willing to help in anyway to get these dogs out of a overcrowded shelter!
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    Sep 29, 2008
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    I was i was closer I live on a 100 acre dairy farm I would have taken a couple!

    What your doing is great!! I hope they find good homes they are wonderful dogs!! We have a few right now, and I love them to death!
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    If you were interested in adopting, we can arrange transport -[​IMG]

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