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    Reading through the "Chickenstocks, Shows, and Meet-Ups" forum, I noticed that a lot of the notices about poultry shows are for America. This makes the information somewhat redundant for me, even though I love going to poultry shows, because I live in Australia.

    So I'm starting this thread for Australians (and Kiwis) to post information about upcoming poultry shows and sales they know about in their area. I'm sure it won't be exact or complete by any means but it might be helpful, hopefully. I think it will also make it easier to have all of the Australia and New Zealand ones on one continuously-updated thread rather than having to search through all the American ones to find one for Australia or New Zealand.

    Basically, as you hear of a poultry show or sale, whether in your area or not, post as many details as you know on here for others to look at.

    I apologise if a thread like this already exists.

    The first one I have is for the Lobethal Poultry Sale in a couple of weeks. For those who don't know, Lobethal is in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

    The flyer reads:

    Lobethal Poultry Club's
    Sunday, 6th May 2012

    Mt Pleasant Show Grounds
    Poultry Pavilion

    (Please Note: Poultry Only)
    * Back Yard Egg Layers
    * Bantams & Waterfowl
    * Meat Lines
    * Exhibition Birds
    * Breeding Pens

    Sale Commences at 8.30am-1pm
    Sausage Sizzle & Refreshments

    All Buyers and Sellers Welcome

    Conditions of Sale:
    Sellers: $1 per bird or item
    Buyers negotiate price directly with seller
    *Remember to bring cardboard boxes*
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