Australorp and Black Orpington Cross


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Dec 6, 2009
Would it give me a black chicken? Would the egglaying skills be good? Would the size be enhanced? Would brooding ability be enhanced?


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Feb 2, 2009
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Would it give me a black chicken?

It certainly should if both parents are purebred black. It should if either parent is purebred black.

Would the egglaying skills be good?

Probably. It depends on the specific individuals bred. Some are better egg layers than others, but both breeds are usually pretty good at egg laying. I'd expect the offspring to be good egg layers if the parents are.

Would the size be enhanced?

Again, it depends on the parents. Some of my chickens are bigger than others of the same breed. If the parents are big the offspring will probably be big.

Would brooding ability be enhanced?

Again, it depends on the parents. I have two BA's and one BO. Both BA's have been broody. MY BO has never been broody. I expect the BA's offspring to have a higher chance of going broody than the BO's offspring. I know there are no guarantees though.

These answers are not as definitive as you want, but genetics depends on what the parents contribute. Diferrent lines of the breeds contribute diffferent things.


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I am sorry. Arent Black Australorps and Black Orpingtons essentially the same thing?
I have a Jersey Roo who x-d with some BA hens. Both were sets of parents are nice looking birds. We ended up with some bood that looked abit less sophistcated. Those offstring are real "lookers"! When people say that the hatchery birds don't always breed the same results they weren't kidding.


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Feb 2, 2009
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Arent Black Australorps and Black Orpingtons essentially the same thing?

Good question. The original Black Australorp were developed in Australia, primarily from Orpington stock. I'd expect breeds other than Orpington were used, but I'm not 100% sure of that. But they are a separate breed. Body configuration is different. Feathers are different. Orpington feathers are a lot thicker. Leg color is different. All breeds were developed from other breeds, but the results are totally different breeds.


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Jun 30, 2009
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I think that adding blk orpingtons of very good quality to blk Australorps in America would improve the tail situation. The tails of many aussies here are too big and the Coopers black orpington is one of the foundation breeds of the Australorps. They re-added them in europe and australia but the australians were absolut no no on the feathers not being tight on the australorp so careful in the breeding choices . One region of Australia held out completly for the standard unless that was written in, the breed must keep a tight feather . after that was inducted , they joined and the standard in australia was complete..
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Aug 3, 2009
Quote:I'll second that. Also, Jersey Giant can be a good addition to Australorps.

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Dec 17, 2019
I actually feel that Orpingtons are gorgeous with their rounded stocky body of feathers! Making their tails longer is like saying let’s add extra rear on a woman. Truely leave things as is. That said I feel the Black Australorps are also a beautiful bird all by itself. 2 different looks as above photos. Im actually getting both chickens this April and I Truely hope they both represent their true breed. I do realize that the Australorps are the Australian versions of Orpingtons but I think it was meant by the temperament. I could be wrong but that’s one reason I’m getting the Australorp is because of it being like a Orpington. I’m getting the Lavender and the Blue Black Splash Orpington chicks 🐣:jumpy.. plus a Black Orpington Roo! I can’t wait! Been doing a lot of research on them all! Sorry if I’m jumping in this forum years later!! Ahahahahaha! Probably no body on this feed! 🤦🏻‍♀️ :caf


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Glad you revived it, @ParadisedivaChic , this is interesting. So in the pics above, which is which? Total novice here, but I have my first BA chicks arriving, hopefully tomorrow. (I have mature BOs and EEs at the moment.) From the discussion I'm guessing the BO is in the top pic?

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