Australorp and Orpington chicks

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    Apr 4, 2016
    Greetings from Greece,

    On Wednesday I am getting 10 Australorp and 10 Orpington chicks which are 48 days old. The breeder where I am getting from told me that the chicks must stay under light condition (Natural+artificial) for 24 hours until they reach the age of 78 days old. Of course food and water must be provided all the time. He told me that if I want the chicks to stay alive I must follow his instructions.He argues that is a way of acclimatization. I don't know but those instructions seems quite "weird" to me and close to intensive farming practises. What's your opinion guys? You are more experienced than me...Thanks in advance!

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    They are 7 weeks old, they no longer need a heat source and certainly don't need light 24/7.
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    You should start off with a rather hot environment for the chicks the first two to three weeks. Then gradually lower the temp. till they are 7 weeks and then you can stop the light altogether as long as it is still moderately warm in the place they are staying.
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