Australorp chick with no comb

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  1. loislane2013

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    Nov 26, 2013
    I am wondering if anyone can help me. I have 2 australorp chicks (about 7 weeks old). They both have all their feathers, in fact they are almost ready to join the flock. the thing is though, one if significantly larger and has a large comb and chin thing (what is this called btw). The other has zero comb and is heaps smaller.

    We got them at 10days old and were told they were both hens.

    Do i have a rooster? Oh, i hope not. How can i tell if it is. Or is it normal for them to have no comb and chin thing??

    This was them about a week ago (the one with the white face have no comb)
  2. Farmer Viola

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    May 23, 2013
    Looks like the one with a very small comb and wattle is a girl. You can see the larger comb and wattle is also starting to turn more pink/red, and those are both indicators of a male/cockrel. You'll only know for sure when he crows. But I would put my money on 1 male, 1 female there.
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  3. chickengeorgeto

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    The one on the right is a boy and the one on the left is a girl.
    The thing under their chin is called a waddle.
    Sexing most chicks is an art, not a science.
    The girl has a comb and a chin thing but it is still so much smaller that the pullet's goes unnoticed in young chicks.
    The little rooster's feathers are already more glossy than the pullets drabber plumage.
    Yep you got one Adam and one Eve there for sure.
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    Yep, one boy one girl. The girl's comb and wattle will get larger and redder as she reaches sexual maturity, around 5ish months.

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