Australorp crowing in the morning


Dec 18, 2015
One of my Australorp hens has started crowing in the morning, and so after a week of getting attached, we have to return her to the farm this weekend and get another female. I'm still finding it hard to physically see the characteristics of her masculinity, although his boy behaviours gave me enough suspicion before he crowed during the week.

Can you guess from my photos below, which one you think might be crowing? I did read that sometimes female Australorps can crow and he/she has been doing it in response to a rooster from a distant property at about 6am when I let them out of their yard. I've had roosters and hens before and raised chicks, but this one is stumping me as haven't kept Australorps before and they are much much bigger hens.


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posted my answer on your duplicate thread. - still the middle bird. Double posting makes it more confusing to those trying to answer you.

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