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    Jan 29, 2013
    We got our week old Black Australorp chicks around the end of august of last year and they have seemed to be growing slow, combs are small adolescent looking. We feed all 3 well and they look healthy. Summer turned to winter and we have had some nasty cold snaps in December and January. I thought they would squeeze an egg or two out here and there by January but nothing. Its now into February and i haven't been keeping that close of an eye on my girls because i didn't think they were laying. So today i looked in the hen boxes and found six eggs! holy crap! I about gave the old lady a heart attack yelling at her to come out and look. 5 eggs were in one box and 1 in another. Its warmed up a bit in the last week and I know its only been 2 days since I've checked the nest boxes. The other hens where bought at auction and are also young. we have 1 blue ameraucana, 1 copper marans, 1 Delaware and the 3 young austrolorps. I have been waiting for eggs but it seems weird that they would start laying all at once. i think the eggs are from the young BA but they don't have red combs or wattles. The eggs are all about the same size and color, light creamy brown, a couple almost pinkish brown. the marans should be a really dark color (i think). the emeraucana an off color of some sort. and the Delaware looks like she is in lay, red combs and wattles, almost waxy. same with the marans. who layed the eggs? do australorps grow slow or maybe certain strains grow slower than others? Any info would be appreciated.[​IMG]

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