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    I have a couple black Australorp hens and just love them they are the friendliest and want to interact with me all the time. I had just those two for about a year, then decided I needed more chickens for more eggs, so I incubated some barred rock, and australorp and a couple cinnamon queen. I ended up with a total now of 10 chickens well full size chickens that is. I waited until the ones I incubated to mix them together when they were big enough to defend themselves if need be. those two australorps are so bossy. I at first took out the two and put them in a pen next to the new ones, and so they could see each other. then decided it was time to mix them, and I have four roosters and now 6 hens, I know its too many roosters but the australorps are the dominant ones, will they eventually accept the newbies or are they always going to be like that. I was thinking the roosters would dominate eventually but so far not. everybody runs from these two australorps. they do have plenty of room to get away and roost up high so they leave them alone.
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    Mar 18, 2017
    Sounds interesting! I am looking into breeding, right now just raising hens/roosters.

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