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    May 7, 2009
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    I have an Australorp/Partridge Rock mix Roo - 17 wks old in need of a home. He is 17 wks old and just beginning to mate. Seems like he will be a good boy, not showing any aggression towards us, hens or our ducks but we have another Roo and would like to find him a new home before they start fighting. He looks like an Australorp except for the red hackle feathers - very striking.

    He is used to free ranging in a fairly large area so a home where he has room to roam would be ideal. Raised by one of our broody hens this summer.

    We are located in Cedar Grove NC which is sort of the middle of the state, 1/2 way between Raleigh & Greensboro and about 30 mi south of Danville VA. We would consider meeting someone within a reasonable distance in order to give him a good home.

    We call him Black Jack:



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