Australorp roo


6 Years
Mar 17, 2013
Silver Lake, Minnesota
Hi all! We bought a roo to watch over (and fertilize) our various breeds of hens. Well, he's doing his job above expectation! We have what was sold to us as an Aracauna, but I believe it's an Easter Egger. She's now gone broody on 12 of her green eggs. Does anyone know what to expect from the cross? We're new to birds, but love them beyond words:)
You should get some interesting chicks! The black seems to be a more dominant color, so probably lots of black based birds with reddish collars/necks, things like that. If momma has a beard or muffs, babies will probably have them also. My ee/brown layer mixes have laid really pretty olive eggs that my sons call camo eggs!
Thank you for the info! It's our first year raising birds and we're learning more every day! We've been blessed with 15 ducklings this year! I did sneak a peek at Gloria's nest, and she is setting 12! I'm preparing for half to hatch, like I did with Sweetie, our muscovy hen. She hatched out and raised 100% tho;) We're not looking for anything special in mixes. We have a wide variety of hens, all have their own unique personality and that's what we love!

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