Australorp roosters - OREGON (NEW PICS!)

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    I have two beautiful, friendly, and spoiled rotten roosters. Both are very healthy and not aggressive to people or pets. They come running for treats but keep a sharp eye out for hawks. The father is SLW/Australorp. I finally got good side/profile pics which was hard because they are always begging.

    Jack and George's mother is an Australorp and our best layer. These boys were hatched April 27th and are my 'babies.' Because I raised them since they were 4 weeks old, they follow me around, begging and just like to hang out. Jack is mostly black and George is getting a little color. Single combs. Tails still growing in. Very handsome.

    I would really like these boys to go to a good home where they can free range at least part of the time. Jack and George are used to being out all day; they are the only ones that respect the 'no-go' zone and stay out of the landscaping so they have privileges! [​IMG] They come running when they see you, hoping for a treat.

    Please let me know if you can give them a home. Freezer camp is not an option! Thanks! I will deliver to the right home if it means they will have a nice life!

    (Ira has been rehomed.)
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