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  1. foundhenfarm

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    Jan 24, 2014
    Australorps are the ultimate chicken. Not only are they frequent layers, (even in cold New England winters) but also the cuddly sweet hearts of the chicken world. They come in a few gorgeous colors, and are the sweetest.

    These glorious chickens came into our lives by accident, for we scooped them up on the side of the road after someone cruelly dumped them there (see profile for full story).
    Even after all these orphaned chicken had been through, they are living happily ever after at the farm named after them, Found Hen Farm, and are laying almost everyday, and are the friendliest and kindest birds.

    Post all you love about these lovely chickens here, and let's give notice to all those getting chicks soon to give these beauties a shot [​IMG]
  2. GarthRyan

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    Apr 29, 2013
    Australorp's are my favorite breed. Nice to people and I recommend them to people anytime I get. Too bad the primary color available here in the USA is black. Or at least I've never heard of anyone getting them here. I'm sure some people have them though but the hatcheries I know of don't carry them.

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