Australorps & Gold Laced Orpington?

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  1. respect

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    Feb 19, 2014
    First of all I want to say HELLO!
    I'm 36 yo from Austria (no Kangaroos) and as it seems on the way to get addicted to chicken.

    Actually I've 4 'classic brown' hybrids. But I really get bored off the F1 laying machines. Sometimes I like to eat chicken, but I can't buy any meat in the supermarket anymore.
    So it's my turn:

    I like the description of Australorps and the gold laced Orpingtons. I know that they are relatives. I'm not sure about which of those I should take or even a mix would be possible?

    What do the chicken-pro's say?

    What would the breed look like, eg. a BO roo and a australorp hen?

    Thanks a lot for any help, and excuse my english - school is over for a couple of years ;-)
    And I have not found a german forum as big as this one!

    Best Regards

  2. draye

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Hello and welcome to BYC Mathis.

    You should go with what you feel you should go with. I've no experience with Gold Laced Orpington's, they are still a project here in the US.

    Anyway welcome
    From Mabelvale, Arkkansas, USA
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