Australorps in Oklahoma?


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8 Years
Dec 31, 2011
Southcentral Oklahoma
Hi Okies!

I'm still planning and getting set up and don't have any chicks yet. There are so many breeds to choose from, and several sound wonderful; a good friend who used to have chickens strongly recommended Black Australorps. So I immediately did some reading on that breed and they sound great, and look beautiful. What I want are great layers of brown eggs, good-sized eggs, good temperament in the birds--not shy and not aggressive to people--and able to tolerate our heat. Same thing most everybody wants, I imagine.

Was wondering if any others keep these chickens, and how pleased are you with them? Would you recommend another breed, or wish you had a different breed? I see that the hatchery in Wewoka has them, and it would make a nice afternoon trip over to get some one of these days.

As always, any advice, suggestions, and recommendations appreciated. Thanks!

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