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Hi Okies!

I'm still planning and getting set up and don't have any chicks yet. There are so many breeds to choose from, and several sound wonderful; a good friend who used to have chickens strongly recommended Black Australorps. So I immediately did some reading on that breed and they sound great, and look beautiful. What I want are great layers of brown eggs, good-sized eggs, good temperament in the birds--not shy and not aggressive to people--and able to tolerate our heat. Same thing most everybody wants, I imagine.

Was wondering if any others keep these chickens, and how pleased are you with them? Would you recommend another breed, or wish you had a different breed? I see that the hatchery in Wewoka has them, and it would make a nice afternoon trip over to get some one of these days.

As always, any advice, suggestions, and recommendations appreciated. Thanks!
G'day Annie OK,

I am new to all this too. I am also looking into breeds. My first choice were the Australorps as they originated in Australia where I live. I did some research and spoke to several people as I have heard good reports about this breed. Yes, they are good however it was suggested that Rhode Island Reds live and breed longer, have a larger egg and are excellent layers as well as their temperament are good around children. So I have decided to begin with 5 Rhode Island Reds and a pet silkie.

Maybe down the track I will try the Australorps however first things first - I am waiting for my chicken coop to arrive. I was blessed to receive a galvanised steel shed to convert however there was such a good deal on line that I ended up ordering a chicken coop. This other one can be my backup.

So looks like we are 2 new eggs - hope this information has helped a little. I think it becomes a personal preference and until you try a breed or two you won't really know how they are. I'm mainly looking at it as to which one will lay me the most eggs, a good size one and the longevity of laying in a year and over their lifetime.

You are welcome to have a look at a thread I began called "Help for the Newbies" No one has answered it yet however who knows maybe there is someone brave enough to answer.

The picture on your left is my Pomeranian called "Oli". I have now also acquired a cute green cheeked Conure baby bird - he is on my shoulder as I write. I've named him "Fredo"

Have a wonderful day

Bye from a hot and muggy Brisbane
My first choice was Aussies too, and I am not sorry yet. They are great layers, good tempered birds and are quiet, I also think they are terrific looking out in the sunshine with that green sheen. . I also have Delawares, barred rocks, Marans and Ameracuanas, I prefer the Aussies, and I have some very nice Barred Rocks! I would suggest you play around with the breed selection tool on the left side of the page under breeds tab. I would also suggest you take your time buying your birds and get them from an established breeder. I would avoid hatchery birds if there is a reputable breeder near by. Check Craig's list, check on the buy sell trade page here, and check the Australorp thread also. If you get your birds from a breeder instead of a hatchery, they will be truer to type, they will more than likely be what you are expecting. In my opinion, hatchery Aussies are the best of the hatchery birds, but not nearly as nice as what you will get from a breeder. You will also most likely avoid alot of the problems that seem to be inherent with hatchery stock. Good luck with your adventure, and enjoy your birds. ........stan
Hi Stan,

Just noticed you were on line. I would like to thank you for your valuable advice. I spoke to my hubby about the Australorps and he thinks it's a good idea to go with these. They are obviously as laid back as we Aussies are. So we are going to give them a go. Good news, we received our chicken coop yesterday and hubby is busy putting it together. It's sooooo exciting. Stan, what do you lay on the surface of your coop and in the nesting box? We have sugar cane mulch in abundance however I have heard this is not good for chickens.

I checked out the thread you recommended - good information. Do you reakon that the Australorps would get on well with a pet silkie?

Anyway, thanks again
Being in Florida, I don't have a traditional 'coop'. I basically have a covered wire run, that is open on all sides with a sand floor. For the nesting box, I use hay. I'm not familiar with cane mulch. I would expect it to be O.K. as long as it is well dried?? You need something absorbent and easy to rake. As for the pet silkie, I would think the Aussies would be as good a coop mate as any, better than most. If the silkie is the first in the coop and the Aussies are added to the silkies home territory it will have a slight advantage. My Aussies would not mind I don't think. They are the calmest birds I've seen. They just mind their own bis, but they don't get pushed around either. I sure hope you enjoy your birds! I think you made a better choice with the Aussies over the Reds. The reds are just too pushy and noisey!! There may be a little bias there. ..........stan
Hi Stan,

Just thought I would let you know that I have placed pictures on this thread of my new Silkie and Conure Parrot. ( I hope you can come and join us. At present I am using sugar cane mulch, it smells kind of sweet. It seems to be softer than hay, the silkie (Shatzy) seems to be OK with it. It certainly holds the warmth. Won't be long and I will be getting my Australorps, hubby just fixing up a few things first. Thanks again for your suggestions Stan.

I live in OK, and I have Astrolorps. They are doing great, and they're eggs are a nice size. I know of a breeder of them near Inola. If you need more info PM me and I will give you their number.
I am a new chicken owner and LOVE my Australorp girls! I have three and really enjoy them. They are very friendly, lay nice eggs, and have great personalities. I personally feel you can't go wrong with this breed. Aussies will always be my favorite!
Thank you AustraTrio, I'll take that as a personal compliment.
and I hope you find all the info you require. I also have 4 Australorps and they are wonderful. Haven't laid yet as they are still at the "point of lay". As for personality, they are great, they get on well with my Silkie chicken which I had first - she's 1/3 of their size. I'm going to be dusting them this afternoon as I can see a few white specks and every time I go near the coop, something seems to bite me. So I'll have to mist out and disinfect everything. They are quite smart as they have now gotten rid of all the sugar cane mulch (straw) by themselves by getting it out of their coup and onto the grass. So they have saved me some work.

This thread has seemed to stop however maybe we can keep it going, we'll see. Anyway, have fun with your chickens. (by the way how large/heavy are your eggs?)

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