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    I hope Im posting this in the right place,
    We are hoping to introduce a new, fertile rooster, to an already established flock of 9 hens. they are 1 1/2 yrs old and the rooster will probably be the same age, or a little younger. I've never had to do this before, and Im curious if there is anything special we need to do, or if anyone has any suggestions on how to do this with as little stress to the hens as possible, I would be most grateful. We have a very happy flock, but the rooster is not fertile, doesnt crow, and doesnt act much like a roo....sooo.... since I want to grow this group, I need babies. We are attending our county fair in a couple weeks in hopes of purchasing one from a 4-h'er or junior fair participant. Any and all responses would be most appreciated ! Thanks !
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    Quarantine for 30 days to prevent any illnesses from passing into your flock. After quarantine, split off a portion of your coop with wire to allow the new roo to see and be seen, but not get beaten or do any beating. After a suitable period of time (you decide when is the proper time), pull the wire partition and let them interact. Keep an eye out for any serious fighting, but there shouldn't be if you give a long enough introduction period. There will be some minor scuffling as the pecking order adjusts to a new alpha male.

    Good luck.
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    CMV is absolutely correct, in addition, I suggest you give away, sell or cull your current rooster prior to you getting a new one. You'll save yourself major headaches if you find him a new home.

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