Australorps with no tails...


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10 Years
Jun 4, 2009
West Linn, Oregon
Sorry no pics, but I have 2 - 10 week old Australorps - black with beautiful green sheen even in dim light that have no tail feathers yet, just large downy fluff. Is this normal? One was actually supposed to be a Black Jersey Giant, but has way to much green. My other two JJ are straight black so I'm thinking Aussie for the green one. They also b oth have red combs but no wattles...roos???
Wish you could post a picture. Why they have no tails is odd to me, im not sure what you have. Do they have green legs? My tailess is an EE that has the araucana breed in her. If at all possible try and post a picture and you will get alot of replies.

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