Austrolorp/NN cross and Valgus silkie gender help

Oncoming Storm

Jun 3, 2019
So I have two chickens I’m unsure about. The first is an austrolorp/Turken cross hatched may 14 this year. The second is a silkie that was given to us in a batch of four. All of the hatch mates turned out to be cockerels and I just assumed that this one was too. Since it has valgus I’ve noticed that it’s developed a lot slower but I make sure that it gets enough food and has access to water. Its hatch mates are around four-five months old and are all crowing. Their combs and Wattles are huge but this ones aren’t. It’s still a dark mulberry color and the comb and wattles are small still. I don’t really care what it is as it won’t affect my flock in any way. I’m just curious because I can’t really tell.

Sorry about the bad quality. It’s really skittish and I can’t get too close without it running away.


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