Autism and meds

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    My son Colton, 11 years old, has a seizure disorder that has caused tremendous cognitive delays. He was also diagnosed with Autism 2 years ago by our current pediatrician who couldn't believe that he wasn't already on something for it. No one else had ever mentioned him having Autism even though he has all the signs. I think most docs/teachers couldn't look past the seizures and all the mess that comes with that. Anyways, doc put Colt on Abilify which made him a "drooling little zombie boy". I hated it. No matter the dose it just left him not him. So he hasn't been taking it for quite awhile but I'm curious to know if anyone elses children are taking meds and are they effective?


  2. We are doing a completely natural course and our 11 year old is doing fantastic. I will pm you with the drug that is usually perscribed for seizures in Autistic spectrum kids. Find a DAN! doctor and your life will change for the better.

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