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11 Years
Mar 4, 2008
April is Autism Awareness month, and I have a good friend who has an autistic son, so I have a link on my site where you can go to an advertisement video by Chevy, and if you watch it, Chevy will donate to autism speaks. Please take a second, and check this out to help raise money for this widely spread disease. Thanks.

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One of my mother's friends had 2 kids that are autistic. One's in a group home and the other is high functioning...There's another one in one of my son's classes who thinks I'm the best thing ever...on field trips he wanted to hang out with me, not his aide.
In our family you can count on one hand those who don't show any signs of being an Aspie. Actually, I think one hand is too many fingers - Nope - I think it is pretty much all of us. Some people live life on the edge - we live life on the spectrum.
I've just learned that people (especially kids) with autism are fascinated with fire. We have a 8 year old from town that is fighting for his life due to this. He is in critical (from smoke inhalation) condition after starting a fire in the families basement. They had put away all matches, lighters, etc. but, he started the fire using the pilot light on the hot water heater!

I watched the video!
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My nephew has autism. It is a nightmare! He was a normal 2 year old, then bam...he was lost. He is now 17 and hopeless disabled, non-communicative, and a non-stop "baby-siting" responsibility for my 56 year old sister. Autism is horrible! Autism is on the rise. We need to find out what's causing it. Lots of implications, no known cause.
Yes, autisum is horrible, there are different diets that work for some children. My son has autisum but unfortunatley for me a had a bruttle battle with the Department of Social Service and a family member and lost so when I do get to see him it is usually in pictures, So not only is it horrible but is does horrible things to families. Our's has been thrown apart for the last 4 years, And he has a sister that he never gets to see as well as myself. Omg crying again, sorry this is very hard. Sorry to rant, this is a sore subject for me. People can be curel and not understand all the problem that come from this.

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