Auto coop door with recycled parts

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    May 5, 2009
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    Ok so first about me, I am new here!!!!! I am an Electrician by trade but have a strong mechanical background due to 20 years in the field. I am also a Master Recycler and try to reuse as much as I can. The door was built for display at my daughters 2nd grade Da Vinci fair at school. Nuf about me lets talk doors.............. and see if i can figure out how to post pictures.
    I read a 20 page thread last night on these and thought I would share. SO..............

    The motor and gear drive come from my sons old power wheels truck.
    The door is an old doggie door from our old kennels.
    The switches and boxes and wood were left from my kitchen remodel.
    the relay is an 11 pin ice cube type that I had lying around in 1 of my bins.
    The power supply is an old 9 volt 500 ma transformer from a cordless phone.
    The relay can be controlled by either a 120 volt photo cell or a time clock.
    Ok so when the relay is not activated the door is open by a set of normally closed (nc) contacts and stopped by the upper decora switch.
    When the relay is activated the poles reverse thru relay and door lowers and is stopped by lower decora switch.
    Now lets see if i can figure out pictures?????


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    Nov 11, 2008
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    Nice work on the auto door. I'd seen some of the ones people come up with, remind me of chicken guillotines.. I would NOT want to have my head under them when they "closed".

    Looking at what you've got seems to be a dual stop switch polarity shift mech via the relay. Basically what I was thinking of doing when I had time to burn.. I'd have used leaf switches though.

    Be sure and toss up an electrical schematic of it so those interested can also make one.. [​IMG]

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