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  1. AwallRooster

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    Jul 2, 2012
    Has anyone have a auto coop door, an can you tell me if they are worth the money, and are they dependable, im going to have to start night shift ,here soon,(lucky me)[​IMG] and i wont be able to open an close my babys coop for them ,
    any answers with this question will be great help, an what is the best an reliable brand to purchase...
  2. gardendufus

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    I have the pullet-shut door. I am retired, so don't have to worry about schedules AND I live on a limited, fixed budget. My coop cost about $300 to build (8 X 10), NOT including the door which was $270. We won't even talk about the run/fencing.

    The auto door was TOTALLY worth it, regardless of cost and the fact that I don't have to worry about getting to/from work. Some mornings I just like to sleep in. I don't like going out in the rain. I have solar power (no elect in coop) and a light sensor, so the door opens/closes at different times, according to the seasons and automatically adjusts. Easy Peasy.

    I had one small problem when I first installed it that ended up being caused by where I put the light sensor. The people at pullet-shut were prompt, friendly and very helpful in trying to figure out what was wrong. Installation could have easily been done by a 10 year old (lol, but maybe not 65). I highly recommend it.
  3. heybarb

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    Mar 9, 2012
    North Carolina
    I also have the Pullet Shut door. We love it! I am sometimes a little frustrated with my son who found the magnet and has "reprogrammed" the door a few times, but now that the magnet is hidden - it works great! Definitely worth the money, as we often take weekend trips and I couldn't afford to pay someone to come to my house 2 times a day to open & close the door. Once a day is enough. It's very reliable.
  4. canesisters

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    Aug 18, 2011
    I just got my pullet-shut door a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE IT!
    It was easy to install. Would've been easier if I didn't keep leaving the tool that I needed to use outside just out of my reach inside...
    I also have the solar power with the photo eye. That's a great feature since there's zero programing - it simply opens when it starts to 'see' light and closes when it doesn't 'see' enough light.
    During the fall/winter, I leave for work about an hour before dawn and come home about half hour after dark so not having to worry about them getting in and out safely is a huge relief. I'm still playing with the placement of the eye. Right now it points west and is under the roof overhang, that has it opening later in the morning and closing later in the evening. This weekend (when I can be there to watch it) I plan to move it to the east side and see how it goes.
  5. Mehjr10

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    May 17, 2012
    Moscow, TN
    I made my own auto door and love it also, it opens in the morning and closes at night. I can be somewhere else and not have to worry about someone else doing the job.
  6. gardendufus

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    I so envy you. If I had the knowledge/skills base, I sure would have built my own. I was intrigued by one I saw on this site using a drapery pull motor. But, I don't, so I didn't. I don't even know how to trickle charge a battery, lol.
  7. cubbysan

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    For those that have the pullet-shut, do you feel it is predator proof, like from a raccoon?

    Also, have you ever had issues opening because of ice or snow?

    Thank you!
  8. heybarb

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    Mar 9, 2012
    North Carolina
    I do not believe a predator could get it open. I have not had mine through a winter, so I can't answer about snow & ice...
  9. cubbysan

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    thank you
  10. gardendufus

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    I have to X2 heybarb. This will be my first winter, but I have read other threads where they say no problems. I built a small roof over the door to semi protect it. Oh and also because the pullets got into the habit of perching on the open door which I didn't think was a good thing for the long term operation of the door.

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