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    Dec 14, 2012
    I need some help with wiring my power antenna to work as an actuator and open and close the coop door...I have the door made with a sliding board that raises and lowers withn the antenna...the weight is not the issue...slides real easy...where I am having an issue is when I attached the second power supply...with a single adapter it runs like a charm both up and down...the adapter has a polarity button so with that unit plugged in it runs perfect both ways...this is all in bench test form right now ...using aligator clips I attach a second adapter with the polarity reversed...the idea is that in the morning the digital timer goes of at 6;00 the antenna retracts pulling the door up like a guillotinne...than at 6;01 the timer goes off and the door remains open all day...a second timer goes off at 9;00pm and the antenna extends allowing the wooden door to slide down a track and cover the exit hole for the night....when I attach the second adapter the power level drops doesnt seem to matter that the "not in use" adapter is not even plugged in...there are only 2 wires coming from the antenna and there are only 2 wires from the why would adding the second one cause the huge power drain....I just joined here so lets see how good you all are

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    If your power supplies are transformers, the addition of the second supply in parallel with the first presents the other output winding as a load. Using a relay to separate the feeds should solve the problem by isolating the output of both from each other.

    Or so it seems.

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    you just need to provide, via a second power source, 12vdc to the motor for 1 minute or less at the times you'd like it to open and close. the window motor will ascend/descend depending on what position its in when your timer gives the second power supply(hooked to the signal line of the antenna) juice.

    also, what output amperage does your adapter provide
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    I have a bunch of different wall warts and it does not seem to matter which I choose. They all provide plenty of power when hooked up seperately. I then take just 1 wire from an unplugged second adapter and as soon as I touch that wire to either of the already wired leads the power supply drops to almost nothing. they will barely run the then I attached the second wire to the other contact point and it will switch directions based on which adapter is suppling power....just not much

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