Auto waterer for the poor chicken farmers wallet. ((( PICs ADDED )))

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    I made a couple of waters for my chicken barn that cost very little so I thought I'd share. I ran 1/2 inch PVC pipe the length of what I needed to water. Where every pen was, I glued a T fitting. Then to the T fitting I glued a threaded end piece. To the threaded end I screwed on a threaded nipple from a landscape watering system - $1.97 each ( black), which I had applied the landscape water tubing, I think it's a 1/4 inch wide. Then I ran each piece of tubing into the water dishes or soda/milk bottles and the other end I attached to a control knob to turn on and off the water. Later I will hook up a auto timer. I have it running to the Barn, to all my outside pens, with different controls for each pen- all in one area. I can stand in one place and water everyone in 10 min. [​IMG] If I don't want to buy the landscape tubing nipple and go cheaper, I get a 1/2 inch PVC end cap, drill a hole slightly smaller than the landscape tubing, push tubing through the hole and pull it in w/ pliers (cut tubing end at angle to make it go easier) then glue it to the T connectors. Works like a charm. [​IMG]


    This waters both sides of my Barn. Each side has it's own turn valve to allow water in the pipe. The Black Cones are Landscape water connectors for attaching to a hose. The Black tubing is the 1/4 landscape tubing. I used a 1/2 inch threaded end that fitted the Black Cones to connect, that way if one getts plugged up w/ debris you can unscrew it and clean it..


    This is a cheaper version w/o using the Black Cones, just use PVC end caps and drill a hole slightly smaller than the Landscape tubing.
    I also use this w/o the tubing and extend the PVC neck that goes to the end cap, drill the hole and put in through the top hole of a Milk Jug.
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    I used 1/2inch pvc pipe with a rabbit nipple on it. I just hooked it to a water hose so when we go out of town or if it gets really hot they have a endless supply of water. The nipple and pvc "t" fitting were $3.50 (+shipping) from bass equipment. It's a rabbit water, but farm tec sells the ones made for chickens.
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    Here in Fl I just feel better with them having a dish of water. This way too if I want to medicate one pen I just pull out the Tubing from the dish and water everyone as normal. [​IMG] Also I didn't want water running through the pipes all the time because some of my critters have a habit of waiting till I'm out of town and breaking one of the PVC lines, LOL. And it waters my turkey, peafowl, geese and ducks etc...... [​IMG]

    The end caps were .28 each and the landscape tubing I got for $5 for 100 ft or so.
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    Could you post a picture? I am a very visual person. [​IMG]
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    I'll get some pics, I'm a visual learner too, LOL
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    Me 3. Gotta see pics to understand.
  7. CoyoteMagic

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    Me 3. Gotta see pics to understand.
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    I'm working on it... [​IMG]
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    Add me to the visual learners wanting a picture club. [​IMG]
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    another visual learner :)

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