autofeeder pics please


9 Years
May 15, 2010
I am looking for some pics of feeders not the treadles nor the buckets as I can make one of those but would prefer something wall mounted please
I don't have a pic but just get a length of 3in. pvc pipe and cap the top and attach an an angle pvc on the bottom so the food won't spill out...Works great!! And you can strap it to a coop wall while taking up VERY little space!
yes i saw those and made one but it doesnt let all the chicks eat at once and making several seems inefficient ...thank you though for responding
lol long story I agreed to my wife wanting 5 hens and a roo but the minimum order thing came up so my neighbors wanted 5 each but one neighbor failed to follow through so we now have 10 11 hens and a roo since the hatchery miscounted or something and shipped 1 too many

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