Automatic Chicken Coop Door :)

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    Jan 21, 2012
    I DID IT!!!

    After scratching my head for hours....I finally did it.

    Its crude in the electronic sense but it seems to work.

    Linear actuator. Bout 60 dollars eBay

    4 - 12 volt timers. About 6 dollars each.

    12 Volt tractor battery. From old garden tractor

    3 amp in-line Fuse - junk drawer

    And some wire...Laying around the garage.

    I will try to explain how its wired and will add pics as I learn how to post.
    I will also try to draw a circuit diagram...note I am not electonically (or chicken) savvy :)

    Two of the timers control the door. One timer sends power to open the door for one minute at 6:30 am. The other timer sends power to close the door for one minute at 930 pm.

    The other two timers are used as automatic switches so that one circuit is completed for a short time when the door is opening and the other circuit is completed for a short time when the door is closing.

    If anyone has advice or comments to share....please do so. It would be muchily welcomed!

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