Automatic Coop Door Opener - any recommendations?


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May 25, 2011
Oxford, MS
We are building our first coop and want the flexibility of being away in the evening when they come in & not waking up at dawn to let the chickens out.
I have seen a wide array of automatic openers, but would like to hear from some actual owners. (I need to buy a kit because I am not technically capable of more then screwing in a light bulb).
I have the inside mount with light sensor from Foy's pigeon supplies. I love it and I have 2 of them - got my first one 2 years ago. I change the batteries once a year, just to be sure they don't die when we aren't here. The light sensor is adjustable, so you can choose the sensitivity of it shutting. It's very easy to install. (I bought the door also)
I loved my Foy's door. It worked perfectly, nothing ever got into the coop even though you could see where "something" had been pawing at the exterior door frame. (my door dropped down about 2 inches below the ramp into the coop so nothing could get it's fingers under it)

The only reason I don't have it anymore (I sold it to another BYC member who is currently using it) is because new coops have access to the runs 24/7. I've never lost a chicken to something in one of the runs or coops (even though I did have a black snake eating eggs) I've lost them to free-ranging which is basicly why I've moved them all into tractors.
My coop and run are like fort knox. I still have an auto door for added piece of mind. That and I think the$y are cool as heck!
I use an add-a-motor- it. They are supposed to mount on the inside. As my door frame was already built outside before I got the motor, I mounted it outside under the eaves. I cut a milk jug to put over it to keep the elements out.
I couldn't be happier and it was about $80.

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