automatic coop door.

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    Dec 25, 2014
    After looking on youtube and this site, I decided to build an automatic coop door. I decided to go with a power car antenna.
    My antenna is a semi-automatic antenna. The advantage to the semi vs the full auto is that it doesn't need constant power.
    I use one power source and two timers. Using two timers reduces the amount of electricity used. The wood I used was left over
    stock and scraps from other projects. All of the electrical parts were purchased from Amazon. The prices are not exact. They are plus or minus a few cents. The wire connectors and bars were things I had in my shop. **The last video shows a close up with the wires
    cleaned up and the bars added. It's a cleaner look because using the bars I was able to reduce all the Y ing of the wire. Any questions or comments welcome. Mark
    12 volt converter 19.00
    2 timers-20.00 (total)
    2 micro switches 9.00
    DPDT switch 11.00

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