Automatic Doors?


Mar 11, 2018
East Central Missouri
What is your experience with the automatic chicken doors aside from the convenience aspect?
I'm trying to decide if I want to go with them or the traditional way.
We live in a rural area in MO.
Predators are an issue. We have a huge coyote population, hawks, eagles, raccoons, etc.
They will have a covered run. I'll probably free range only when I can supervise. (At least to start with)
No electricity in the coop so it would run off of solar.
Thanks in advance for your replies!
If you have a secure run and covered and doesn’t free range unsupervised, no need to have the pop door to be automatic. I have considered those automatic door opener at first, so I don’t have to open/close the door when am too busy so if there’s some emergency, busy life with my family/kids, chicken doesn’t need to suffer being locked up or locked out, though I scoop their nightly litter every morning anyways and fill their waterers and feeds daily. I decided to secure the run pretty good after the hawk invasion and keep a 24/7 coop-run access. The chickens can wake up drink/eat/scratch in the run as early and as late as they want.

Ergo I save some money from those expensive doors and focus on other stuff like incubators and organic feeds and good chick stock from good breeders. Long way from my impulse hatchery chicks buy.
X2 what @Spartan22 said. Our coop/run is completely secure so we leave rare pop door open. I used to open/close it in the winter months to help keep in the heat. This was my first winter with my chicks so I was really concerned. This coming winter I won’t be since they’ll be a year old by then.
ADOR1 Because I like not forgetting to open/close the door. Plus I have it set to open later in the morning.
LOVE IT ! It is just one more thing I don't have to worry about.

Kinda like how I love the auto feeder, bucket, PVC-Y, waterer that will hold for almost a week of water.

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