Automatic horse waterer

Those are hard mounted to a wall or post and the way chickens are with getting their water dirty they are to hard to clean.

The ones they use at the ranch I board my horse at, are cleaned with a sponge periodically. It really isn't a big deal. I was going to attach it to one of the 4X4 legs that my coop stands on. I would use the beakcup, but they use low water pressure. Looking to hook directly to the spigot without the expensive regulator. How do you clean the beakcups?
Something to think about, definately. It's a good thing I live in Sacramento, CA where freezing temperatures are not usually a problem. However, maybe putting those pipe insulations around the hose?

In my coop, I have installed a Little Giant automatic bowl waterer that operates by gravity. I used pvc pipes and hooked it up directly to the spigot and it works great. I do clean it once a week. I could use another one for their run, but because the bowl is so big (even though it's the smallest you can buy), I thought being outside, it would get dirty too quickly.
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Ok, scrapped the horse waterer and just got the Little Giant poultry bowl waterer like the one I'm using inside the coop. It was actually smaller. I know it works hooked up directly to the spigot, so I'm done making decisions how to do the watering system. I think I'm actually done with my coop. Pictures to follow.

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