Automatic openers for draw bridge style house and metal house insulation.

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  1. Rasita

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    May 12, 2014
    Hi due to the naughty cockerel taking a dislike to a new hen (long story but don't believe your vet when they say the hen won't survive and better to put her asleep), I've now had to put her in a new area and got her a new house and a couple of new friends. Small ones who aren't picking on her despite her scarred head.
    The new house has a draw bridge style door that hinges down to open from upright it flops forwards. The hinge is at the base and gang plank on top like a castle draw bridge.
    Does anyone know of any automatic door openers that would work on this style of door? my other one a chicken guard lifts and lowers but I need one that you can set the opposite way. So longer string to open Amd shorter to close,
    Also the house is metal and although I'm thinking easy clean I'm unclear how cold it's going to get come winter any ideas for the best insulation to put on outside that easy to apply and weather proof. Plus peck proof. Thanks

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