Avatar Movie? What was the reason they couldn't breath the air?

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  1. Last night I watched that new Avatar Movie with my son.
    When I went to sleep last night I was trying to figure out why there were trees and plants and animals, but humans couldn't breath the air?
    Normally I don't think about stupid stuff like this, but this one got me thinking.
    What was wrong with the air?
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    May 2, 2009
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    "air" is really just a word for "gas". So for example Venus has "air" but it's methaine and other gasses that humans can't breathe. If life evolved on Venus it would be life/plants that evolved to use the methaine gasses instead of an oxygen/carbon based "air" on Earth.
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    Quote:This is one reason, if i remember correctly on the movie they mentioned it was due to thin air? So they could breathe it for a certain time, but it would be much like being at high altitudes and you'd have difficulties breathing or pass out (or death). In this case, it was passing out after 30 seconds with death to follow.

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    Makes it easier to animate or combine real and animation because the faces are hardest to make look real. A story that involves the humans wearing masks helps to make it more plausible and realistic. Great movie.
  5. But don't plants create oxygen? There were lots of plants. Usually if there isn't much oxygen like at high altitude there aren't hardly if any plants? So if the air was thin like at altitude, why were there so many plants?
    I just think there should have been a little more information in the movie. Maybe saying their were other gases in the air that prevent humans breathing too long. Also they seemed like they couldn't breath at all.
    And if these Avatar were part human wouldn't they have problems as well?
    Sorry maybe I am going into a plain old entertaining movie too much?
    Just into Science Fiction. Facinated to know if there really is life out there and what it would be like.
    Its like another thing I go on about is no one seems to go to the toilet on Science Fiction shows.
    And how come most of the aliens speak english?
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    I'm thinking it's just a different atmosphere-type situation. Thick enough to produce life, but not enough that humans can live on it.

    And the Avatars weren't really human. They were human counterparts. Once the humans entered the machines they could "send their mind" or "sync" their minds with that of the Avatar, but only if it has the same genetic make up as the human (which is why the guy's twin was needed). The Avatars, though, either were or mimicked those of the Na'vi.

    As far as the English speaking thing, they just do it so we understand them. It's just part of the movie.
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    Quote:On Earth plants "breathe" in carbon dioxide and "breathe" out air. If a planet has different gasses in it's "air" it's quite possiable that they could say breathe in methaine and out ammonia, neither of which can humans breathe in. Long and short different planets different evolutionary tracts.
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    Just remember its just a movie and you've picked a fault
  9. Yes just being silly about it.

    I don't watch too many movies, so when I do I can see things.

    Maybe I need to get out more? Spending too much time with my birds.
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    Im going this saturday or sunday to see it with my friends is it any good?I hope it is becouse it cost like 400 million to make it lol.

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