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    Oh. My. God.


    I think this is the best movie I have ever seen. The more I think about it, the more certain I am that it rivals the love I have for the Lord of the Rings. I don't think I can even describe in words how into this movie I was. Watching it in IMAX 3d was definitely worth the extra $5, you guys should throw down the extra bucks to see it too.

    The story was so captivating, I felt like I was right there. I felt so attached and in love with the tribal society I practically wept at parts when they were in mourning. The originality of the creatures and fauna was breath taking and very much appreciated. The graphics were like nothing I had ever seen before, they were 100% perfect. The characters were exceptional. The emotion was insane. I wasn't even expecting much in the romance department, this being a Sci Fi, and all, but it was one of the first times I could actually feel a connection in a movie. I usually totally don't feel romance in films, but the love was very vivid in this movie, I thought, which was a great surprise.

    Without a doubt, a must see, if for no other reason than to admire the artwork. I know I'll be seeing it many more times before it's even out of theater. Its an instant favorite and I'm hopeful that there will be more to come from this story with a sequel (or two, or a million).
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    I am going to see it tonight with DH. We were watching the making of it the other day. All of the caracters were acted out by the actors and horses. They had the motion maping devices on and they caught the actors and animals movements and facial expresions. I thought that was the neat part about the movie. The actors didn't just stand in a sound room and talk they actually had to work.
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    Quote:You can definitely tell its the actors acting, they most definitely did not sit around behind a microphone for this, it was really THEM as the aliens. Totally wonderfully done!
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    I'm hoping to go see it tomorrow, cuz today I have an essay due at midnight. but then I'm done for the semester!!! [​IMG]
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    My son wants to see it. How ...um...physically intimate does the romance get? How violent does it get?
    What ages would you suggest should stay home and grow up a few years first?
    I think it would make a good Christmas gift for him. He is a huge transformer movie fan...that pushed my limits for violence though. Is it more or less violent than the first transformer movie?
    Thanks for any help you can give!
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    Way more violent than the first transformers movie, I'm going to admit. The Transformers are rated PG-13 and so is Avatar but Avatar was definitely leaning towards R. There is definitely blood and more than plenty of death including main characters. There is some pretty scary monsters, too. It's a more adult fantasy world, heavy on tribal religion and morals. The "love scene" isn't too intimate, just some heavy kissing,gets a little sexual then fades out... It all depends on how you raise your kid, but I'd say about 13 would be fine to see this movie, I was watching way scarier/bloodier stuff when I was younger than that, but I know parents are a little more gung ho about controlling what their kids see these days [​IMG]

    To give you a better idea of the violence in Transformers vs Avatar (oh god you shouldn't have asked a movie buff, I'm going to go all out). Transformers was more aimed at younger audiences. The fights were lots of firework type explosions sending people flying with dirt. Also most of the violence was between robots that didn't bleed so it wasn't very frightening or sad. In avatar you see plenty of people up close and realistically getting shot by bullets and arrows, taken down by crazy and often frightening monsters, plenty of realistic wounds. A very intense scene involving a tree - i wont give stuff away - that was so well done I felt like I was there and I tell ya, I was hanging onto my seat for dear life. If the unrealistic, sugar coated violence in Transformers was pushing it for your kid, Avatar would probably seem way over the top for you. The violence is that of a war movie, like saving private ryan.
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    This is what my son had to say:

    Avatar is one of the best and most beautiful movies I have ever seen!! If you see any movie ever again, it should be this one!!!!!!
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    Transformers wasn't pushing the limits for him, It was pushing the limits for me.
    I do not want to be a hover mother, but perhaps I should wait until next year and get it on DVD. That way if it is just too much, then we can shut it off. I do not want him to be desensitized to blood and violence with the idea that everything is fine in the end.
    I loved war movies as a kid, and then as I 'grew up,' I understood that in real life, the people do not get up and walk away and appear in another movie. I grew up with Vietnam on the nightly news. It breaks my heart that my son has been growing up with the Mideastern struggles on television every night. But, that is the way of the world.
    Thank you all for your input. I will discuss it seriously with his dad, and we will decide as a team.
    Thank you!
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    Is it all war war war? I watched a trailer and thats how it seemed..
    Ive heard about this movie for a very very long time but I just dont have really any idea about it..
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    I want to see this movie soooo bad. I'm planning to go on monday or tuesday, but since there are no Imax theatres near where I live, I'll have to settle for a regular theatre.

    I was thrilled when I realized Sam Worthington was in it. I fell in love with him when I saw Terminator Salvation. He played an excellent part in that movie. I'm also a HUGE fan of James Cameron movies, so I don't think this one will disappoint. I LOVE Terminator, Predator, Titanic, and Aliens. All classics I saw growing up as a kid!
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