Average price 6 month old Khaki Campbells

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by StudioBellaRose, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. StudioBellaRose

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    Jan 29, 2013
    Wild Peach, Texas
    Hi ev1! I have 3 pairs of Khaki Campbell's that are 6 months old. I have recently been asked if I would be willing to sell one of my pairs here locally but I have absolutely no idea what price I should sell them for? I thought if I could find an average price range for similarly aged pairs I could start there? My 3 pairs are from eggs I hatched that I got from a friend but she doesn't sell her adults so I can't just ask her either...lol... TIA for any assistance
  2. Amiga

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    Jan 3, 2010
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    I would look in the buy sell trade forum, too. I don't know I haven't bought adults, just ducklings and they were 7.50 each, sexed.
  3. StruckBy

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    Apr 2, 2012
    Marcola, OR
    I think it's very region dependent. Around here prices for sexed ducks (no matter breed) are $20-25 per hen and $10-15 per drake. Most folks around here have done enough reading to be looking for @3 females to one drake so the pairs will sit on craigslist for months unless the seller is willing to split or it is a really unusual breed. Pairs that won't be split don't seem to sell until the price drops to $25 for the pair.

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