Avian Pox and a Respiratory illness?

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  1. Theresa21

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    Oct 27, 2017
    I have a 6 month old Barnvelder hen who is showing symptoms of what I believe are Avian Pox (the spots on her comb & wattle) and a respiratory illness (the foamy eye).

    I haven't seen either of these symptoms in my birds before, and have made these assumptions based on research I've done here at BYC and online searches.

    I've enclosed an image of her. It seems as though Pox has just run its course, but what about the foamy eyes? I've put some sanitary saline on her eyes, but they're foamy again later. Are these 2 things related? Or can I treat the eye issue while the Pox is running its course?

    Thank you! bossypants.jpg
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    I think she needs an antibiotic. Hopefully you have her separate from the flock. Can you ask a vet? Does she have any respiratory symptoms? You can try regular Triple Antibiotic ointment (with no pain reliever in it) applied gently with a q tip around the eye. Before you do that, wash the eye with plain warm sailne, the kind for people is fine. Like eye wash. I've no experience with Fowl Pox, other than what I've read, but I think she might have some secondary issues going on. Maybe try injectible Tylan, as often times foamy eyes are associated with respiratory issues. YOu can get that at most feed stores.
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    A common secondary bacterial infection that can happen with fowl pox virus is mycoplasma (MG.) I would either consult a vet if possible, or get some injectable Tylan 50 from your feed store along with syringes and 20 gauge needles. Instead of giving it by injection, you can give it orally 0.2 ml per pound twice a day for 5 days. You can slso use Terramycin eye ointment from the feed store into the eye twice a day. Eye bubbles are sometimes a sign of mycoplasma, but also might possible be from eye trauma. But I would use antibiotics just in case of bacteria.
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  4. Theresa21

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    Oct 27, 2017
    She's been sequestered in her own little coop for a few days now, and is eating/drinking and active. Her eye isn't frothy anymore, but a still a bit swollen. I imagine one of the pox is on/near her eye. Her other eye is clear and normal. She never displayed any other symptoms, so I am wondering if the frothy eye was from the pox irritating her eye?

    I will get her some Terramycin and see how it goes from there. The rest of the flock is looking good, and it's been about a week since I saw symptoms appear in the one bird, so I'm hoping it's just her, and she'll make a smooth recovery in time.

    Thanks for the advice, y'all. :)
  5. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
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    Before I started her on systemic antibiotic treatment, I would suggest treating her eyes with an antibiotic ophthalmic ointment or solution.
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