Aviary plans (outdoors)

um around..... 10x7x8 around that
i have 10, and there coturnix.and i am planning to connect it with my sunpourch witch is the house,but our house is like 17 yards from the woods
I have had people who lice near woods have problems with owls flying over the cage and grabbing a bird when they hit the top of the net
what you need to do is use 1/2 inch hardware cloth on the top so owls/hawks will not be a problem then make a box out of wood so they can get out of the elements and just put your wire run in front of it and connect you box
wallah your quail pen is done
oh and leave your pen on the ground so they can take dust bathes etc.
hope this helps

Don't know if this will help you or not...

When we got ourv Harley last October, Skip and I made a temporary hoop shed for her using 4' x 16' cattle panels.

Skip zip-tied two panels together on the 16' sides...

He attached pressure treated 2 x 4's along the bottoms of the "hoop". The hoop was held in place with rebar placed along the outside bottom of the panels/ 2 x 4's.

The dimensions were roughly 8' x 8' x 6' tall. We plan on using this to raise our Red Golden Pheasants in (when we hatch them out) as we have a new shed for the Scooter. Just have to add some wire to the panels and build the shelter at this time.

Hope this helps!

I too am in the planning stages of building an aviary, or 'quail tractor' of sorts and would love any kind of advice.
I have 8 cortunix quail that hatched Friday and Saturday. Right now they are in their rubbermaid bin brooder, but am thinking ahead.

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