Aw she's a herding dog alright!

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    So for the first time ever, we're able to raise a puppy with chickens. The Shepherds needed "Don't chase them, don't touch them!!" training.

    When Annabell first saw the chickens, she walked up to the fence, sat down, looked, and walked off totally not interested. The chickens response, was "OMG strange dog, who the heck is that??" So they weren't being calm chickens by any means.

    Since then, my husband has taken her into the run with him, and she's still "whatever" and now the chickens don't care much about her either.

    Yesterday, I leashed her to me and used her to help herd the birds back to the coop after a free range session. That got her attention. She saw what I was doing, and matched my movements, in a distracted puppy sort of way. But I could see the wheels turning in her brain. She never once acted like she needed to make contact with them, she was perfectly content following behind and making them move. She kept most of her focus on me.

    I had watched a video of a beauceron herding sheep, and the dog had kept a lot of focus on the handler as well. Annabell wasn't fixated on the birds, she kept looking to me.

    I think with a good amount of training, she may become momma's helper. The Shepherds are much too focused on the birds to be any use at all with them. But Annabell, depending on how she develops, she may actually be useful.

    She's not showing the signs of being a nipping sort of herding dog that uses teeth to get flocks moving. If they move with her walking towards them... that's enough. So far. She's not chasing after my feet when we walk like a cattle dog does.

    I'm really curious to see how she develops into her instincts, this is a new breed for me.
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    Got any photos?
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    That sounds most excellent! Momma's helper! What a dog! [​IMG]

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