Awesome ad by the Oklahoma county sherriff


10 Years
Sep 18, 2010
Pine Valley (New Waverly), TX

'course, I'll be home keeping an eye on the dogs as all the fireworks go off.
That's funny in a very sobering way.

Thanks for the reminder, I'll be on the roads late tonight, coming home from work. I'll have to be alert.

Excellent. That is one of the great ads.

Here they are running an ad that adds up all the expenses you will have if you get caught driving drunk. It can run you about $10,000 by the time it is all paid for. The ad isn't clever or cute, but it is sure an eye opener. I suppose an alcoholic doesn't consider costs, but the casual partier might very well be influenced.

That expensive taxi ride doesn't look so expensive next to the cost of the ticket.

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