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    Oct 12, 2011
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    I have searched BYC and I cannot believe that no one has mentioned these awesome wireless thermometers. What I found is a CVS Wireless Thermometer/ Remote temperature monitoring system. Mine reads 0.2° below my current thermometers. That's OK with me. Because for what it does it is worth it. This thing has an arm band that can be placed inside your incubator. It has a monitoring station that can monitor the temperature from 65 ft away by a wireless signal. On top of that, you can set an alarm to alert you with a loud beep signal for extreme temperatures in case of an emergency. The alarm is a custom setting. The low alarm setting will go up to 96° and I have my high alarm setting set at 102°. You can set the monitor beside you while you sleep and it will alert you if there is something wrong. Or if you just want to be able to monitor you incubator temp while watching TV or whatever, you can. These were designed to be accurate for reading human temperatures. As I said mine is 0.2° low. Or is it? I think it is. But, the wireless monitoring and alarms make up for it. I could not find this at my local CVS nor at CVS online. I found it on Ebay for a mere $14.24, including shipping. Get'em before they're gone. I bought 3. No, I am not selling them. I just thought that I would share.

    Update from Phantom_Rooster...I'm not spamming. I really think this is a good find. I'm loving mine. I'm just mad about incubation perfection.

    Ebay search "CVS wireless thermometer"


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