Awful Red Growths Around Rooster's Feathers!


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Sep 13, 2014
I made a post earlier today about my rooster, Vivaldi, who was acting oddly. Tonight I decided to give him a check-over and see if all was well with him.
What I saw scared me. I lifted the feathers on his butt, and right at the base, near the follicles, were these awful warty-looking pustule things. They were bright red and looked not so much like they were bulging out from under the skin but like they were a growth on it. There were so many I could barely see the skin underneath.
I have to admit that I got so freaked out then that I out the poor boy back on the roost and hurried back to the house without taking a picture or anything. I've known for a while that the skin stretching down to his legs has looked red and inflamed, but I (and I feel terrible about this!) never really checked it out. Vivaldi and I have never had the best relationship, and without a drop in laying or something to signify that he was sick, I never quite got around to giving him a thorough examination. I kind of thought that maybe he was getting chafed from mating too much or something.
All the skin in the area is red and painful looking. Does anybody have any idea what this is, how to treat it, whether it's genetic and whether he can spread it to the girls when he mates with them? I'm really worried now, both about him and about the rest of the flock.

Thank you!


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Aug 29, 2012
A picture tells a thousand words I'm afraid, you are going to have to go back and get some otherwise we are really just guessing.

In the better daylight check it's not mites


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Sep 13, 2014

I apologize for the quality. I couldn't get good enough lighting to do a proper close-up. I'll try for some better ones tomorrow.

I noticed that he A LOT of lice, so I will be putting the whole flock through treatment. I'm just a bit nervous about treating him with these lumps, or growths, or whatever they are.
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May 7, 2012
If he has really bad feather lice, it could just be that those lumps are where feather shafts are supposed to be, and his skin is inflamed from the mites so it's making his skin look even lumpier. Clear out the mites and treat the coop/roosts, and see if that helps his skin at all.


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Yea, I would dust him and his tail with Sevin or poultry dust . You may have to do this several days in a row. Then put some antibiotic ointment on his red area. Or what I've done is put the ointment on, then dust him even over the ointment.

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