awoke to crowing this morning... *sigh*


8 Years
Apr 18, 2011
Jackson, MI
We have been worried that one of our 'Easter Eggers' is a rooster - he's always been a little bigger and his comb seemed more red than our other 8 week old chicks. Low and behold I let the dogs outside this morning to the sound of a somewhat strangled adolescent sounding 'cock-a-doodle-dooo.' Though it was very cute to hear that, we had no plans what-so-ever to keep a rooster..... What do I do now? Are Easter Eggers a dual purpose bird? Do I save him to have for dinner? Should I just sell him and get another???
I am able to raise up my roosters and if they are purebred or a very nice looking cross I sell them to other people that do need a rooster for their flock. The usual outlets for resale like Craigs List or my local feed store actually sells a few rabbits, chickens (roosters). Of course if I take them there the store keeps the 10.00 for the bird but I am happy as I am one less bird and it found a good home. Most people that have to pay 10.00 for a bird don't buy it for dinner.
According to the BYC breed list, EEs are not dual purpose birds. They probably aren't meaty enough or the quality of meat might not be that great. That doesn't mean you can't eat him, just that it might not be a great experience. You would probably be better off selling or re-homing him.
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My dad says that as soon as the roosters begin to crow, they go.....
its sad, but i <3 chicken!!
Well. For now we're keeping him, esp since he isn't considered a dual purpose breed. We are allowed to have a rooster where we live, and he is very pretty and sweet. Maybe just one rooster won't be so bad. 'Big Bertha' has officially been renamed 'The Bishop Don Juan'
We're right there with you.
We woke up to the same thing!
Only it was 3 of ours.
One of our black ones crowed at 5 weeks, but I have been watching 4 other birds and three of those four finally crowed, and one is an EE (that is what I have been told he is) and the other 2 are two of our white chicks.

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