Aww, she jumped on my son's lap!

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    Apr 28, 2010
    So we have 11 chickens now, and I LOVE them... wow.. never in am illion years did I think I would become obsessed with chickens [​IMG] Anyway, one of the 7-week-old pullets was free ranging tonight and she came to my son who was holding a different chicken (not from her "group") and she jumped right up on his lap. It was sweet. My other son then took her and put her on his lap (it was his chicken) and that is where she proceeded to stay and lay for the next 20 minutes or so. I am hoping they all get tame like this.... But my question is, why are they so hard to catch when it's time to put them back in the brooder! UGH.. (yes brooder, my DH is NEARLY done with the coop, and I can't wait!). We have one LF roo, and he was about impossible to catch last night to get him back in there. I'm thinking it's getting harder and not easier....thus he might not get let out again..GRRR...

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    Mine are like that too, but the ones in the brooder are a bit older than yours. They remind me of little kids that are having too much fun to go to bed. I say the same thing at bedtime (coop, coop, coop) and after awhile I don't have to chase, they just file in no matter what time of day. Well my grown ups do, still working on the little ones. My new coop is almost finished too so I feel your pain.
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    Get them hooked on treats. Treat in one hand, grab with the other. That makes them much easier to catch. :p

    Ours LOVE mealworms. The older ones like craisins.

    The older chickens coop themselves at the appropriate time of the evening. It only took a few days for them to get the idea.
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