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    Yesterday we decided to try them out in the coop and run. I have 2 pullets that are new to us in there. At first they decided to pick on the babies, so I shooed them out of the coop so the babies could find their way out of the door into the run. They spend the entire day in one corner of the run just playing and having a blast. At night I went in to catch them all and put them in the makeshift "in coop brooder" (dog kennel!) LOL I wanted somewhere safe for them to sleep at first so the girls don't pick on them. Put them to bed and walked away. After a while I freaked out and thought they would get too cold their first night out of the brooder and with no heat lamp, so I snatched them up and moved them to their real brooder! LOL They were sleeping fine, not even huddled, so not cold at all. I'm just a paranoid my real kids life too!
    So today, we tried again. Everyone got along much better. No more picking on the babies from the older girls. I had to leave to take my daughter to dance class, so I left them out and planned to come put them in the brooder when I got home since we are supposed to have our first freeze tonight. Get home, and I went out to check on them and my girls were in their usual sleeping spot roosting up on the coop light, and the chicks were all in the "in coop brooder" sleeping so sweetly! I felt so bad to wake them that I decided to bring them all in the house for a treat before I put them to bed in the brooder so they snacked on spinach leaves for a while.
    They are so stinkin sweet and they really are warming up to us. They didn't even poop on me tonight! [​IMG]

    OK, as requested, PICS!! They are now fully moved in.
    My new girls warming up to me with treats!
    Omelet on the left, Sunny on the right.
    All my babies
    Top Left Goldie and Shadow. To the right is Snype (the other blue Silkie) and Olive
    Below is Pickle, and Chicken Nugget (The obvious roo!).
    Godlie, Chicken Nugget, Olive, and Shadow
    Chicken Nugget, Shadow, Olive, Pickle
    Goldie...can you see her head? LOL

    Explanation of names
    Goldie- First with more golden colors
    Pickle- Used to look green when all it had was baby fuz.
    Chicken Nugget-First to look rooish...will one day be chicken nuggets unless he is just absolutely beautiful and I can't part with him. LOL
    Olive- Has olive colored Legs
    Snype- DD picked the name from the Movie UP
    Shadow- Always looks like a shadow in pics
    Sunny- Like a sunny side up egg
    Omelet- Plan to make omelets with her eggs! LOL
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    Sounds like they're ready to move to the coop as soon as you're ready to let them [​IMG]

    Great job! Picture please [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    OK ok ok! I added pics to the original post just for your viewing pleasure! [​IMG]

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