awww they all went to bed- sorta

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    Feb 23, 2011
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    took the roost out of the run tonight- after a week of putting them to bed. we got to the point emily (1 year old silkie hen) goes up to bed on her own- if the light is on in thecoop she'll roost- but otherwise is in the door way.

    well tonight- i forgot to put their light on until after it was pretty dark and they were ALL in the coop. well more like they were all in the doorway... but just a lil nudge and IN they went our 10 minute bedtime took 30seconds.

    then when i went to check in the coop- put lucinda up on the roost- as they ere huddled at the doorway. (door is plexiglass ill have to put something on it so they can see it!) my roo ran at me [​IMG] I'm so proud protecting his girls LOL
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    Nice, isn't that a great feeling of accomplishment. [​IMG]

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