Awwww.. Son of a donkey...... darnit

Mrs. Green Thumbs

9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
Santa Maria, California
:gigMonday's suck, this am I pulled my shoulder/neck muscle because I thought "oh I'll just run trough the grocery store and get a couple thing's to hold us over for today, never mind that I'm down to my last 30 bucks and need to feed 2 adults and a7 year old for the next 2 weeks and will need money for gasoline and to renew my DL and my tags soo, and yay how fun for me 15 minutes ago I broke my lap top screen.... All I did was grab it at the bottom corner and go to tilt it a bit and CRACK..... white and black..... NICE! Good thing I make it a point to save all my photos and videos online.... almost all of them at least.

Let's count the good things... it's almost 11 am here... that means Iv been here 5 hours and have a minimum of 5 left to go... so I'm half way there till I can call it a day go home and drink the last of my jose quervo margarita mix, while I kick my feet up in my garden and play with my new lender laptop ( Because THANK GOD the DH was wise enough to insist the insurance was worth the money and oh than god I listened to him!" . We don't have our little guy today, while that's not usually a positive, today it is. My squash is beginning to come in... nice. And Iv got my health lol.
Monday's.... what can a girl do but try to laugh at the stupid little things...

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